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A TRUE AGENT is one who provides 100% loyalty to his/her clients 100% of the time. No dual agency; no "designated agency", no "transaction brokerage;" no "Chinese walls;" no weasel clauses! - International Real Estate Directory

We represent ONLY BUYERS all the time!

This means we remain true to you and never to the seller as we help you buy your new home!


You can't have partial loyalty. An agent either works for you or works for someone else."-CONSUMER REPORTS


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Homebuyer Representation, Inc.

A Licensed Utah Real Estate Brokerage and an Exclusive Buyer Agency
Real Estate Agents on the Buyer’s Side TM

"Exclusive agencies are best. They remove any conflict of interest, which is the main reason for considering a buyer broker in the first place" - Your New Home - Denise Fields

The Real Estate Brokerage on the Buyer’s Side
Exclusive Buyer’s Agents
Representing Buyers ONLY
Homebuyer Representation, Inc.

Homebuyer Representation
is a member of the
National Association
of Exclusive Buyer Agents


We believe that buyers with someone looking out for their interests achieve better results in their home purchases than buyers who work on their own against a team of people, and an industry, geared toward trying to get the highest price and best terms for sellers.

Our agents, and those agents we refer to, have been very successful in negotiations. Putting the interest of the buyer first can yield large financial savings.

Below are some examples of actual client savings. Check them out and then go on and read our clients’ testimonials!

Salt Lake City Avenues buyers Saved over $12,500 on their home purchase by using an Exclusive Buyers Agent
Saved over $12,500!
Sandy Utah homebuyers saved over $80,000 by getting a buyers agent on their side
Saved $84,900!
Saved over $32,375!
Home buyers saved $32,375 while buying a home in Utah with a Buyers Agent on their side Buyers find an Exclusive Buyers Agent and Save $49,000 when buying a home in Utah
Saved $49,000!
Exclusive Buyer Agents work to save you money when buying a home in Utah
Saved $32,000!
This Utah home buyer saved over $60,000 with a buyers agent's help
Saved $60,400!
Exclusive buyer agents work for your best interests and to save you money when buying a home
Saved $39,900 plus repairs!
An Exclusive Buyers Agent works for buyers only
Saved over $38,400!
An Exclusive Buyers Agent stays true to you throughout your transaction
Saved $21,875!
You could save money by hiring a real estate agent to help you buy your Utah home
Saved $8,000!

Real estate brokerages that have chosen to represent buyers only eliminate one of the most common conflicts of interest in real estate transactions... where a single agent or company suggests they can work fairly for both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction.

Make sure you hire someone to work for YOU when you buy a home!

Want the best in buyer representation in the Salt Lake City, Utah area? Answer these questions:

If so, get an agent on YOUR side!

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Information on this site is about buying a home in Utah.

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In addition to potential dollar savings, having an agent on their side has saved many clients tens of thousands of dollars by keeping them from buying the wrong homes.

If major defects are discovered, they aren’t ignored, they are discussed. Under your direction, your agent can begin to negotiate repairs and/or ask for concessions from the seller.

If it is in your best interest, an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent continues to protect your interests as they help take a bad transaction apart. Some of the buyers above walked away from other properties where major defects were discovered and the seller would not (or could not) make things right.

The job of a true Buyer’s Agent is to ALWAYS to do what is in the buyer’s best interest, whether that is helping the buyer close on the sale of the home at the best price and terms possible, or helping them out of a transaction that has turned bad, as cleanly as possible.


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