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A TRUE AGENT is one who provides 100% loyalty to his/her clients 100% of the time. No dual agency; no "designated agency", no "transaction brokerage;" no "Chinese walls;" no weasel clauses! - International Real Estate Directory

We represent ONLY BUYERS all the time!

This means we remain true to you and never to the seller as we help you buy your new home!


You can't have partial loyalty. An agent either works for you or works for someone else."-CONSUMER REPORTS


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Homebuyer Representation, Inc.

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"Exclusive agencies are best. They remove any conflict of interest, which is the main reason for considering a buyer broker in the first place" - Your New Home - Denise Fields

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Most buyers think that the agent they are working with is working for them. But unless a buyer has hired an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, the agent they deal with might actually represent the seller.

Here’s why:

There are 4 main types of agents:

  1. Traditional Agents (a.k.a. Listing Agents, Seller’s Agents)

    A traditional agent works for sellers and represents their interests. Before the early 80’s, all real estate agents worked for the seller. Buyers had no true representation. They were “customers” of the seller.

    Today, in addition to representing sellers, traditional agents can also work with buyers as either customers or clients.

    Many traditional agents have no qualms about working in a non-agency relationship with buyers as customers (meaning that the agent really works for the seller).

    Many traditional agents also offer to work in a dual-agency relationship with both a buyer and a seller in the same transaction. (More on this below.)

    Most agents are Traditional Agents.

  2. Buyer's Agents

    A true Buyer’s Agent is an agent who assists a buyer as their agent in a transaction where the buyer’s agent and brokerage does not also represent the seller, thus giving 100% loyalty to the buyer in the transaction.

    Many Traditional Agents promote themselves as “Buyer’s Agents” even though they may also list properties for sale and could therefore be unable to promise 100% loyalty in transactions involving those homes. Some traditional buyer agents work on a team under a Listing Agent who works almost exclusively for sellers.

    Unless a property has already been identified, and that property is listed by a different agent and brokerage... or not listed at all...
    most Buyer’s Agents cannot promise 100% loyalty to a buyer throughout their transaction.

    Some Buyer’s Agents work for companies that do not list homes or represent sellers at all. (See the next type of agent.)

  3. Exclusive Buyer's Agent (EBA)

    An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent represents buyers only and never sellers. EBAs work for companies that do not list homes or represent sellers. Buyers who hire an EBA hire an agent who can commit 100% loyalty to the buyer, and none to the seller, even before any potential homes for purchase have been identified.*

  1. Dual-Agent or Limited Agent

    A Dual-Agent is an agent who has loyalties to both the seller and the buyer in the same transaction. Neither party receives full representation.

    Full representation includes undivided loyalty, full confidentiality and full disclosure of all information known to the agent. These things are missing in a transaction where the agent is acting as a dual agent.

    Many brokerages prefer to call Dual-Agents by the less disparaging term “Limited Agent”. Others call them "facilitators." Regardless of what they are called,
    the loyalty of a dual agent is to neither the seller nor the buyer, but to the transaction, doing what they can to get the transaction to close.

In addition to these four types of agents, some states also have various forms of non-agency relationships where a buyer may work with a real estate agent, but no agency-level relationship is entered into.

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Consumer Reports has warned: "You can't have partial loyalty.
An agent either works for you or works for someone else."

Make sure you hire someone to work for YOU when you buy a home!

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